This is the End of the Second Age of Man.

The mighty and once feared Scarlet Empress has vanished, the Realm and its Great Houses stand at the precipice of civil war. The Threshold Kingdoms long subjugated by the Realm see a chance to throw off their shackles and reassert their power. The Wyld Hunt which once protected the world from the horrors of the Anathema, find their troops and donations drying up. The Directional Powers beyond the Realm, the Haslanti League, the Hundred Kingdoms, the Mineral Kingdoms, the Dreaming Sea Kingdoms, and even the Pirates of the Archipelagos are pushing frontiers and expanding their territories. Beyond that the vast barbaric tribes have begun to move, raid and outright invade the Civilized Lands.

More fundamentally the Spirits of Creation have begun cultivating worship in the face of Immaculate Doctrine, the Gods of the Celestial City are rife with corruption, and Calibration comes more and more often, lasting longer each time.

Creation is on the brink of self conflagration, a period of war, suffering and spiritual corruption that it has not known since the fall of the First Age.

And yet today, in what will forever be known as the “Day of Many Dawns.”

Champions of the Dawn